Divine Nature Sanctuary Shakti Temple Goonengerry
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Om Namo Narayani

Nature is Divine, coming into nature, we are naturally reminded of our Divine Nature
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Where devotion meets the forest
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Seeding, planting and cultivating our Divine gifts for world peace and happiness!

Nature is Divine, Our True Nature is Divine

Coming into Nature, We are Reminded of our Divine Nature

“Chanting comes from nature.  In the depths of their meditation and deep concentration, the sages recorded the sounds of nature.  These are the Vedas.”

Sri Sakthi Amma



Where and when

shakti temple

Welcome to the Shakti Yurt Temple, there is a deep calling and remembrance to cultivate an ancient Divine force that lives within the chalice of each of us, and resides within everything: the spark of life that is Shakti… see more


Full Moon and New Moon Fire Puja, Weekly Friday Kirtan/Puja, alternate Saturday afternoon Mantra Sound Bath with Yoga Nidra, Bhakti Immersion Retreats (coming soon), Shakti Temple Dance and more, please subscribe to our newsletter below for details.

healing temple

“If you want to change the world, first you have to change yourself. In fact, just change your heart and it will change the world! ” Sri Shakti Amma

As we heal so does our mother earth and all beings.

Click here for healing modalities on offer.

Finding the Divine in all things - this is the beauty way. Through truth and light we find the centre where all beauty blossoms.

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