About Divine Nature Sanctuary - Byron Bay, Goonengerry
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Thanks to Robert and Joyce Rawson, Sashini, Daniel & Jyoti  became caretakers of Divine Nature Sanctuary on April 1st, 2015. Inspired by the unconditional love and universal wisdom of Sri Sakthi Amma, we are dedicating this land to uplifting and transforming collective consciousness through devotion to the Divine in all its forms and formlessness. We do this by recognizing and embodying the eternal wisdom of the Vedas, Bhakti Yoga practices and more, so each of us can experience more peace, love and joy in life.

Sri Shakti Amma

Through our time spent with Amma, we learn about the precious gift of life and the practice of devotion: bhakti yoga. We experience how devotion opens us up inside to an eternal stream of unconditional love. By connecting with this love in the depths of our hearts, a wish naturally arises to want to share it with the world. More about Sri Sakthi Amma please click below.

Jasmine Ma Ra'Vishna

Sashini Jasmine Ra’vishna (Bch Journalism & Arts in Theatre & Dance) has trained with the Divine University as a celestial channel of light and sound, as well as numerous healing modalities, such as yoga, belly dance and puja. Sashini has been holding regular kirtan in the Byron area since 2010, devoted to the light of Divine, she is a guide and a Maa for many.

Daniel Rawson

Daniel Rawaon (B.Arts: Writing) is a bhakti yogi and published author. His interest in spirituality began is his teens whilst studying a Physiotherapy degree. Through journey’s in meditation, zen, yoga and eastern mysticism, Daniel’s heart and mind have been awakened to the joy that spirituality offers. He currently works as a yoga facilitator, helps run the Beloved Narayani charity and loves bringing community together for heart activation.


Daughter Jyoti, a Sanskrit word for light, lights up the world with dance, song, prayer and the sweetness of a pure child.


Divine Nature Sanctuary is a spiritual centre set in some of Byron Shire hinterland’s most luscious Mother Nature. With rainforests, a stream with swimming holes, lush gardens, a yurt temple space and a healing room, Divine Nature is abundantly nourished by the land and all that is on offer.


The centre provides a nourishing oasis for spiritual transformation and  profound physical and spiritual well-being. Its mission is to serve the community and mother earth by offering a range of events, modalities and programs to assist in the exploration of each individual’s full potential.


From ancient times the cultures of the world have turned to the transformational and healing effects of Divine connection through sacred music and dance, spiritual practices, natural medicines and so on in the search for health, happiness, and fulfillment. Upholding this tradition, Divine Nature Sanctuary is committed to offering our local and global community the opportunity to connect to our innate Divine Nature through various yogic arts and more:


Vedic Fire, Abhishekam and Flower Pujas
• Live Sacred Music & Devotional Kirtan
• Meditation, Yoga, and Qi Gong
• Mantra, Yantra, Chanting
• Energy Healing & Aromatherapy Massage
• Sacred Sound Healing Journeys
• Shakti Temple Dance
• Ayurvedic Diet and Herbal support
• Red Tent Women’s circles
• Bhakti Immersion Retreats
• A space available for other community gatherings aligned with spiritual development.


The 17 acres of nature with its tranquil streams and niches for solitude and quiet contemplation, offer that soothing connection.


Divine Nature Sanctuary aligns itself with the vision that nature is Divine, and that all beings have an inherent Divine nature, as we immerse ourselves in nature we awaken to this consciousness, and so does all of humanity and our Mother Earth.