Yoga Yoga - Divine Nature
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Yoga Yoga

Yoga Yoga or Raja Yoga

DanieL Rawson - Hatha Yoga connecting body, mind and soul.

DanieL Rawson – Hatha Yoga connecting body, mind and soul.

Yoga Yoga or conventional Yoga of postures (asana) as it has come to be known in the west stems from Raja Yoga, and is one of the four limbs of Yoga. The others being Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gnana Yoga.

Daniel is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher with four years of teaching experience. His classes have a devotional aspect to them, allowing one to easily connect body, mind and spirit. The classes occur in the Shakti Yurt Temple or weather permitting somewhere sweet in nature. To find out more about Daniel, click here.

We enjoy and offer classes of Yoga Yoga to keep the body strong, able and ready. Please join our newsletter (below) to find out about what classes are on offer.

Bhakti yoga also includes asana . There are many spiritual paths, whether it be asana, meditation, devotion, or a combination of these, it doesn’t really matter which path you follow. Mostly this depends on your tendencies and what path attracts you the most. The real importance is on how determined and committed you are to it. This is what will bring the fruits of your chosen spiritual path.


Open up and let the light in

“Some people like prayer, some like offerings – ‘pujas’, some like ‘bhajans’ – hymns, some prefer yoga, others meditation, to name a few of the many spiritual paths. All paths are right. Choose whatever path your heart desires and follow it.” Sri Sakthi Amma