Vision, Mission & Philosophy - Divine Nature
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Vision, Mission & Philosophy


Creating a Space for Life Transformation, to awaken the spiritual being in every individual, so people can realise the truth about themselves, and transform into enlightened beings of greatness, to bring unity, peace, and joy throughout the world.



When there is prayer in the mind, there is purity in thought.”

“When there is purity in thought, there is kindness in the heart.”

“When there is kindness in the heart, there is service in action.”

“When there is service in action, there is harmony in the community.”

“When there is harmony in the community, there is unity in the nation.”

“When there is unity in the nation, there is peace in the world.”

– Sri Sakthi Amma 1962803_10206696189141085_1338282287417785335_n




thAt the heart of Divine Nature Sanctuary is our commitment to be a living embodiment of love and wisdom in action.

All is one! There are many paths to the one destination, we honor them all and enjoy the diversity of connection to the many paths and (possibly) non-paths. “Spirituality may be expounded in several ways, but they all ultimately lead to God” Sri Shakti Amma. Everyone’s path is completely unique, and no path is better or worse. We have found that through going towards the spiritual path that we are most attracted to, the one that brings joy and following this to it’s end, is where the fruits lay.

“Some people like prayer, some like offerings – ‘pujas’, some like ‘bhajans’ – hymns, some prefer yoga, others meditation, to name a few of the many spiritual paths. All paths are right. Choose whatever path your heart desires and follow it.” Sri Shakti Amma

By coming together to participate in Divine events, learning practices and universal wisdom from the enlightened ones, we have found that we can deepen our connection, allowing us to hear that inner voice more clearly. Through practices that cultivate this faith, love, wisdom and surrender, naturally Dharmic (righteousness) seeds of peaceful actions begin to sprout, flower and flourish.