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Mantra Meditation



Daniel Rawson

Mantra Mediation with Daniel Rawson, a practioner of Mantra Mediation and others types of mediation for more than 25 years

Thursday Evenings 530pm – 7pm @ Divine Nature Sanctuary
Mantra Meditation/Satsang by donation


Come and experience the healing effects of Mantra meditation, learn about mantras, find your own personal mantra and learn about the Vedas with Daniel in the Shakti Temple.

Mantra Yoga Meditation


Many people who have tried other methods of meditation unsuccessfully will often find that mantra meditation works most consistently to achieve a natural, spontaneous meditative state.


Mantras for Self-Healing


Rewiring your thought patterns is an essential step in any lasting, integrative healing process. Raising your vibratory rate catalyzes transformation and new potential. Mantra yoga is a singularly effective tool for both tasks.
It’s guaranteed to make you less stressed, more creative, happier, more productive and more adaptable to the demands of life.

“If you want to change the world then change yourself. If you change yourself, then you change the world.” Sri Sakthi Amma



Everything you need to know about Mantra


Daniel teaches mantras including word-by-word translation, profound esoteric meaning, and practical healing application. He instruct students in precise pronunciation using Sanskrit letter vocal apparatus placements, timing (and pitch, when applicable).


The deep rest gained from meditation creates the conditions whereby the nervous system is able to spontaneously purify and re-balance. Meditation allows you to:
•    reduce stress and anxiety
•    enjoy better sleep and more energy
•    increase awareness and clarity of mind
•    improve physical well-being
•    slow the aging process
•    better relationships
•    increases happiness & optimism
•    increase productivity

This simple, natural mental technique is practiced for 20 minutes twice a day, while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.  This brings about a state of deep relaxation so that within minutes the meditator is resting more deeply than sleep.

Mantra Meditation is easy to practice and easy to learn.

Daniel has a vast knowledge and over 15 years of experience in guiding people in meditation. To arrange a private session, either at your location or at Divine Nature Sanctuary please contact Daniel ->

*The Veda is the body of knowledge from ancient India that is the source of Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine, and is the basis of Indian Philosophy.



I’ve never done meditation before is that ok?


Whether you’ve tried to meditate before or never had any exposure to it doesn’t matter. You’ll master this technique very quickly. The meditative state is a completely natural experience, one that your body and mind was engineered to enjoy. Therefore no super human skills or abilities are required, just the correct technique and instruction, which I promise you’ll get.

I’m too busy to meditate.


There’s an expression; ‘If you’re too busy to meditate for 20 minutes then you should do it for an hour!’ Jokes aside meditation may seem like it’s robbing you of time, but it will actually make you more productive. More headspace means increased creativity and performance.

My mind is so busy/ I can’t sit still/ I could never meditate!


Lots of people think this before taking the course, but after 4 simple sessions with me you’ll be learns they can meditate effortlessly. In the same way that the mind has the capacity to be overactive, it also has the natural capacity to be still. The correct technique and instruction easily brings the mind into a state of balance.


Will I be able to Meditate on my own after the session?


Yes, the whole design of the session is to teach you all you need to know to become self sufficient in the practice. I’ve taught thousands of people with a 100% success rate. I guarantee you’ll get it.


Do I have to sit cross-legged?


No, all you need to do is sit comfortably in a chair or on the meditation cushions provided.


I think I might fall asleep while meditating? Is that a problem?


Meditation helps release fatigue and tension from your system, so if there’s fatigue in your body you may fall asleep while meditating but this will only a short lived phenomena. Each meditation will burn away fatigue and recharge your system.

How long will it take to see the benefits?


The meditation begins to harmonise your system right from the first session. Some people feel the benefit straight away, sometimes spectacularly. Others notice it after a bit regular practice.

Is there any religious affiliation with Mantra Meditation?


No, Mantra Meditation is a natural ‘mental technique’ that promotes the experience of a deep meditative state within the body and mind. The technique originated in ancient India so carries that faint flavour, but manta is non-religious. The meditative state is something everyone gains benefit from regardless of what they believe.


Do I have to clear my mind of thoughts or sit perfectly still?


No, this technique is not about controlling or emptying the mind of thoughts. Mantra Meditation is a natural and effortless mental technique that leads the mind into deep state of relaxation without the need of force. It is not necessary to sit perfectly still or to have a totally silent mind. This will become a natural result from experiencing the deep relaxation of the technique.


How does Mantra Meditation compare with other forms of meditation?


Mantra Meditation has the effect of capturing the wandering mind onto the mantra. So actually mantra meditation is easier than most other form’s of meditation. But being easier doesn’t mean it is less effective as using a mantra lead to profound changes and normally leaves one in a clear space in a short amount of time.


Will I have to change my life and give up things like alcohol?


No. You are not asked to give up anything only a little of your time, which will return you with so much more clear head space, enabling you to complete your tasks in a shorter time.