Vedic Fire Puja - Divine Nature Sanctuary ~ Byron Shire
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Vedic Fire Puja

Sri Narayani Fire Puja

The power of the fire puja is to bring the soul closer to the Divine by offering our love. The more we can spend time in Divine consciousness the more love, peace and joy is brought to our world. All pujas held at Divine Nature Sanctuary are for the benefit of all beings.


There are many types of Pujas, where just about any aspect of the Divine (that which encompasses all aspects), including the Sun, Moon, Mother Earth, Animals, Plants, Deities etc. can be offered too. When we make offerings to anything, it may appear like it is outside of ourselves, but in the essence of oneness, we are that, so essentially we are making offerings to ourselves, and aiming to merge with that loving essence.


Fire puja; yagna, yagam (Tamil), havan or homa uses the element of fire to make offerings to the Divine. It is an ancient Vedic fire ceremony. Fire Puja involves chanting mantras and making offerings into the fire. This heals the environment by attracting a massive flood of life force into the immediate area. This energy can awaken the Shakthi Kundalini energy and through devotion, open ur hearts to an immense field of love. Puja, amongst other things, is a beautiful opportunity to meditate, set a new resolution, offer a prayer for the world, a loved one, for our own healing and to experience our innate divinity. Yagna is considered to be the ultimate sacrifice (or offering) and bestows immense blessings.


The Sri Narayani Puja, has been passed on by Sri Sakthi Amma in India, to invoke the blessings of different Goddess’s and God’s. Narayani is the Goddess of the Shakti or energy of creation, the power or force behind everything. Narayani is also a triple Goddess. These aspects are: Saraswathi for wisdom; Lakshmi for abundance; and Durga for strength and courage, accordingly to Sri Sakthi Amma, these aspects are what the world is currently lacking and so are invoked through this puja. As we chant these mantra’s these aspects of our souls is awakened.

Yagna (homa or yagam) as its commonly known is a fundamental practice of the Veda’s. It has so many benefits, a major one of them is the transformational effects of the fire. Fire is the element that absorbs and transform’s just about everything it comes in contact with. Seeing each person is made up of five essences of nature, by coming to a fire puja, the effects are to ignite, transform, burn up the dross, balance and bring us closer to our Divine self. If you are looking for big change then yagam will certainly give you the Shakti energy for this.

Fire puja has many aspects to it. Here are some of them:

  • making a sanctified time for spiritual practice,
  • listening and chanting of the pure sound vibrations of the Veda’s
  • Offering to the angelic realm. When ghee and other offerings such as rice, flowers and other auspicious items meet the fire, it becomes offerings for the angelic realms. As earthly beings require food for their sustenance for the physical body, angels require sustenance for their etheric body. Angels absorb the offerings via the smoke and therefore are nourished with more power and energy to carry out blessings for our entire world. This is one reason yagna’s create a high vibration.
  • there are so many more benefits, to many to mention here

Amongst other things, puja is a beautiful opportunity to meditate, set a new resolution, offer prayers for the world, a loved one, for our own healing and to experience our innate divinity. The ceremony normally takes an hour an half.

Bring: for Fire Puja’s: offerings of flowers, fruit, and/or pot-luck plate welcome. Rice and dhal prasad is offered after puja.

By donation: the nature of these events are sacred so donations are not requested, however funds offered allow more energy towards the offerings, and proceeds go toward India’s charity (see below, the more you give, the more you have to give). Puja sponsorship also available (arrange prior).

Om Namo Narayani
( I surrender to the Divine)