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Surrender to the Mystery Retreat, India


Ever wanted to visit Mother India but have been unsure of where to start. Daniel and Sashini have been visiting Tamil Nadu for the last 12 years. Your invited to come and experience some magical power places they have discovered, and visit annually with their daughter and friends. We shall sojourn to South India, touring via ancient Vishnu and Shiva temples in Tiruchapali, to the sacred Shiva mountain Arunachala.


From here we travel to the abode of the Divine Mother embodied as Sri Sakthi Amma, at Sri Narayani Peedam & Sripuram for Navarathri, a nine day Goddess festival. Come for a part or the whole 4 weeks.


18TH SEPT -16TH OCTOBER 2016 (flexible dates) with Daniel Rawson, Sashini Jasmine Ra’vishna & our daughter Jyoti

This 3 or 4 week (join us for the whole time or part of the journey) transformational tour will take us on an epic journey of the soul. We will meet the power,  love and wisdom of incredible India, exploring the mystical ancient temples and lands, and then onto the abode of the Divine Mother who will carry us out of our darkness into the victory of the Divine within, during Navarathri.

‘Nava’ means nine and ‘rartri’ means night.  During this 9 night celebration 9 forms of the Devi are worshipped and on the tenth day, ‘Vijaya Dhasami’, her victory over the demons of  ignorance, poor self-esteem, attachment, doubt and fear (to name a few) is celebrated.  The unconditional, protective, victorious love of the Devi will transform us into more of the truth and love of who we truly are, and into the true mystery of our lives.

durga fierce

Finally on the 15th of Oct we can attend a huge full moon Devi Puja that is offered for the benefit of mankind.

This is a very auspicious and potent time to be in Sri Sakthi Amma’s Peedam. If you feel the call… will you make the next step?

The celebrations will include yagam (transformational fire ceremony), special abhishekam (ritual bathing), alagaram (dressing – seeing the Devi represented in her many glorious forms), and evening cultural programs.

In Peedam we shall be with the Divine Avatar Beloved AMMA each day as we receive Amma blessings in the sublime puja rituals and theertam (holy water) Amma personally gives. f1f2f566bad385f01dcff78d17760be2_NavaratriAmma1

Your trusted tour guides, Daniel and Sashini will take the hard work out of the travel and guide you. Each year that we do this there are many stories of transformation, realization, love and laughter within the group. This is an open retreat with no prerequisites and a fantastic way to go deeper with an existing spiritual life or explore a new culture and paths to the one love, that incredible ancient India is famous for.

Come for the whole four weeks or a part of the journey, but be sure not to miss out on the Nine Day Navarathri festival with Sri Shakti Amma in Malakoidi Peedam, starts 1st Oct.

Open Itinerary (flexibility for four, three or two weeks, depending on what people desire)

Leave Australia- 18th -24th Sept
You will arrange your own flights to Thiruchapali. A quaint, crusiey old Indian city with many ancient temples.

Two nights stay in Thiruchapali
Airport pickup to stay at a in Thiruchapali (or Treechy for short) for two nights, to rest after flight. A four star hotel with amazing smorgasbord of food, pool, Wifi etc, cost approx $40 per night. From here we go on day visit to surrounding ancient temples. The Vishnu temple one of biggest and most illustrious Vishnu temples in South India, as well as an auspicious Shiva temple and others…

Then we arrange for a bus ride to take us on a five hour journey visiting a Shakti temple on way to the the sacred Shiva mountain of Arunachala, where we plan to stay at the Ramana Ashram for three days. Rooms are simple but sophisticated in a newly constructed guest house, three meals provided. This is a donation basis Ashram suggested 20-30 AUD a day.

There will also be option to have a full day tour of the mountain, by a trusted guide, Saravanam. See all the sacred aspects of this incredible mountain, visit the very top, where Shiva’s feet were planted upon the stone. Visit the small mountaintop Ashram, where Saravanam’s guru spent 17 years in meditation, without food (only a chai a day). Either stay in the Ashram or visit surrounding areas, where yoga, massage and great restaurants are available. We will also visit the Shiva Temple here, considered to one of India’s oldest temples.

Then, a one and half hour bus ride to Sri Narayani Peedam, where there is a living Avatar Sri Sakthi Amma whom has created whole village to be nothing less than heaven on earth.

In Peedam, our day will flow around the daily spiritual practices of Sri Sakthi Amma and we will enjoy a feast for the body, mind and soul.

  •  Navarathri 1 Oct – 12 Oct staying at Sri Narayani Peedam Ashram for  Rooms have A/C and ceiling fans, tiled western style bathroom, standard beds which aren’t like home but ok.  Breakfast, lunch & dinner, is included in tariff. The food is good – before starting their day the kitchen staff chant & do puja – the food is truly blessed and made with love & devotion. This said it is an Indian breakfast so you may still want to bring your own breakfast cereal & snacks, to cater for an specific diets.
  •  We can attend Sri Sakthi Amma’s pujas (super very incredible) or any priest pujas (in the Golden Temple are very very incredible), including daily Navaratri celebrations culminating in Vijay Dhasami, participate in the seva programs, walk the Star Path and whatever else emerges while in the Divine presence of Sri Sakthi Amma!
  • The star-shaped path with twelve ‘auspicious’ vertices creates a divine energy form on the Earth, akin to the sacred Srichakra. We can walking this path on a daily basis as a group and individually in meditation to connect and imbue our beings with this potent energy.
  • image
  • 15 Oct Full Moon Sri Narayani Full Moon Fire Puja
  • 16 Oct You will travel to Chennai airport to board your flight home or you may wish to stay on in India.   It is advised when booking your flights home to have evening flights as it is 3 hour drive back to airport. If required we can arrange to book a car & driver for an extra charge.

The Golden Temple & Sri Sakthi Amma on Youtube for a taste of what you will experience on this retreat.

Cost for the tour arrangements is by donation to Sashini and Daniel after tour ends on the 16th of October.

We ask that a $108 Donation to Sri Sakthi Amma’s charities (as a minimium)

All you will need to arrange is

  • Flights approx $300-400 one way with Air Asia or other airline
  • Accommodation with food,  approx $150 -200 per week
  • India Visa – either 1 month visa on arrival or 6 months visa, both applied for weeks prior to departure (approx $100)
  • Travel insurance, (optional )
  • Meals (other than those stated)
  • Personal expenses
  • Transfers outside the main tour group

Total cost for whole trip may be approx anywhere from $1300 – $3000 for three weeks including flights, visa, accommodation, meals, transit rides, shopping and donations.

Email for extra info regarding the three points below

  1. India Visa Information
  2. Pre Tour Purification
  3. Please read Peedam Information for visitors

     What is at Sri Sakthi Amma’s Ashram?

Room Tariff – 20-30AUD per day with three meals included.

 Accommodation in Sri Narayani Peedam
The rooms are designed to accommodate three people comfortably. Each room has air conditioning, fan, en-suite with western style bathroom facilities.  Bed linen is supplied but please bring your own towel. Wifi is available at Kamala Nivas for a small fee.

Please be aware that Peedam is an ashram so different from a hotel. If the ashram is busy you will be required to share 3 to a room.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner, is included in tariff. You may want to bring your own breakfast cereal & snacks especially if you have special dietary needs which cannot be catered for.

While all effort will be made to have twin share please be prepared to triple share, it usually ends up being lots of fun. If you intend staying extra days before or after the retreat please read ……

Peedam ashram requests, if you are planning to have extra days before / after a this tour please organize your extra days by booking your bed through us. You are asked not to contact the ashram yourselves. This is to reduce confusion with their beloved ashram staff. Please email with your arrival & departure dates. Best if we can all be on the same or similar flight times into India at the port of Tiruchapali. If joining the tour only for Navarathri, then fly into Cheanni, and we can arrange a driver. Flights from Sri Narayani Peedam are best to be booked out of Chennai also.

If you require a car to pick you up please provide location, date & time of pickup, if it is from the airport please supply flight details.

Thank you for honoring this request. Please Note: you arrange your own flights to Thiruchapali leaving from Australia around 18th Sept and leaving out of Chennai around the 16th of Oct or later. Please request documents above, we request you to read this to assist you to prepare for the journey.

Leaving, it is a 3.5 hour drive from Peedam to the airport and you need to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight. Departure time depends on time to suit majority of flights, cars are available to be booked from the ashram at your own expense.


Address in India

Sri Narayani Peedam
Vellore – 632-055
Tamil Nadu
Tel. +91-995-239-8222


Bhakti Immersion Retreats @ Divine Nature Sanctuary

Bhakti Immersion Retreats are aimed at giving one a taste of pure Bhakti. They include elements of the four limbs of Yoga; Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gnana Yoga and especially have a focus on Bhakti Yoga!

The retreats are three day residential, and include; Introduction to Bhakti, Vedic Fire Pujas, Kirtan, Flower Pujas, Satsangs, Sound and Light Healing, Yoga Nidra, Natures Walks, Swims in the streams, Yoga, Ayurveda Meals, Essential Oils Massages (extra) and Spa. Come away feeling refreshed and anew. Three days in Divine Nature may be the perfect remedy for you.

Please contact us for interest and dates of our upcoming retreats.