Nature - Divine Nature
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Gondwana is a magical powerful land. As an elder once said, ‘Lets bring the land back to Gondwana.” Honoring the ancestors, we acknowledge and honour the creation and dreaming stories. We believe without these we wouldn’t have the beauty and magnificence of our wonderful nature and the power of this great land! We honor the original custodians in all we do, thank you!

We are blessed with Divines creation to continue to honor the Divine in new and ancient ways that we have come across on our paths. All is love, and we don’t see any path as better than another. Only what brings about the stirrings of the spirit, so we can all live in peace, unity and the open heartedness of loving presence and communion with all. Whether this be Vedic mantras, indigenous chanting, channeling, or simply silence where all things manifest from, we are open and committed to breathing the breath of life, and connecting to the spirit in all thing and all ways. It’s through ones attraction and devotion to spirit that we can open the doorways to our hearts and minds. We also honor and value the wisdom of the Veda’s and the universal wisdom and unconditional love they offer our world. We have found these to be some of the most powerful practices.

We truly are blessed beyond belief to open this space in Byron’s hinterland, where many paths are honored to create the space for communion with spirit, with our higher selves, with presence and with the Divine creations in all things. May the whole world be blessed to awaken to the grace and natures bounty, that we are all a part of!

How perfect, how abundant, how giving and complete is our Mother Nature. How can I serve you Mother Nature? I vow to come closer to you.. Goddess Kali and VanaDurga are considered to live within the forests. We honor the trees, especially the Rudraksha trees as the Divine itself, as she resides within.

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September 24, 2014