Shakti Temple Dance - Divine Nature
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Shakti Temple Dance

There is a deep calling and remembrance to cultivate an ancient primordial force that lives within each of us, and surrounds all of us: The spark of life that is Shakti. Shakti is the energy of creation; on a primal level, the force of creation, that when cultivated can lead to experiences of ecstatic union with consciousness itself. Through the time tested rituals of dance and meditations, we unearth maps and inner wisdom to awakening, cultivating, and exalting this powerful feminine force.

Devotional dance can serve as a powerful path to connect with the ever flowing loving Shakti energy of Ma, the Goddess. Sashini is currently exploring, learning and remembering various sacred temple dance styles. She has been immersing herself in studies of various dance traditions with the intention to fuse and offer sacred spaces for divine embodiment through sacred intentional dance practices as well as ritual theatre and prayerful dance performance projects. Please subscribe to our newsletter (scroll down) for info on our future dance-related offerings and more events at Divine Nature.



September 24, 2014