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Yoga Yoga or Raja Yoga

Yoga Yoga or Raja Yoga

Yoga Yoga or conventional Yoga of postures (asana) as it has come to be know in the west comes from Raja Yoga, and is one of the four limbs of Yoga. The others limbs being Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gnana Yoga. Raja Yoga is path of focus and determination. It comprises of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation. It doesn’t really matter which path or limb you follow. Mostly this depends on your tendencies and what path attracts you the most. It is also useful to combine the limbs, and naturally begins to happen eg. by practicing raja yoga, wisdom (gnana yoga) naturally arises. The real importance is on how determined and committed your practice.

“Some people like prayer, some like offerings – ‘pujas’, some like ‘bhajans’ – hymns, some prefer yoga, others meditation, to name a few of the many spiritual paths. All paths are right. Choose whatever path your heart desires and follow it.” Sri Sakthi Amma

At Divine Nature we enjoy and offer classes of Yoga Yoga to keep the body strong, able and ready.

Daniel Rawson is the primary teacher, to see more about him, click here.

Presently there will be one class a week in the Yurt or if weather permitting, somewhere suitable in nature. Please subscribe to our newsletter (below) for class times and news.

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September 24, 2014