Sacred Music and Kirtan - Byron Shire, Shakti Yurt Temple
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Sacred Music and Kirtan

Sacred Music and Kirtan


At Divine Natue Sanctuary we love the power of chanting. It leads us deep into the inner space, to connect with the force that animates us all (call it soul, spirit, consciousness, divinity or any other name). We have found that chanting mantras is a very simple and joyous universal practice that brings about a sweetness as well as peace, sometimes dancing, bliss, joy and unconditional love.


Most Friday evenings at 7pm we are offering a Kirtan accompanied with Shakti Puja in the Shakti Yurt Temple.


Kirtan means to repeat – that’s the Sanskrit meaning –  The whole point of the practice is to use the sound vibrations and divine names or mantras, to bring us out of the consciousness of the mind, to bring us to something beyond and into the bliss. People can come together and enjoy as a community or as a group so it’s an interactive.


Our main practice is to chant – just even three words, “Om Namo Narayani”, which is the chant that Sri Sakthi Amma gave us. Any chant will do but it really helps us, especially when life can get challenging, like being to busy or with relationships or whatever. It really helps us to just come back to the self and to become centered again.


Puja (offering) is a beautiful way to offer our love, devotion and surrender to the Divine-Spirit-Creator of All. When we offer our love and gratitude to the Divine, magic happens, and takes one a little deeper into the sweetness of the Divine. Using spiritual tools like mantra, flowers, and specific offerings to a symbolic deity, puja assists one in focusing our love and energy on the Divine. As we focus with devotion, the divine qualities become imbued into our being. This is the beauty and magic of Puja ceremonies.


Feel free to chant along to the Divine names and songs or simply sit and watch the cleansing ceremony. Abhishekam is a particular puja ritual that uses items like fruits, milk, honey, herbs and yoghurt to bathe a deity sculpture of Saraswathi (the Goddess of wisdom, music, culture and arts). Flowers, jewels, silk sari then adorn her as we sing our devotion in traditional Sanskrit chants to the Devi (Mother Goddess). As we honor the Divine in this way, the blessings of Bhakti may be experienced.


Bhakti (devotion) yoga has many positive qualities, with love is the main ingredient. Bhakti yoga is said to be a very direct path, by loving the Divine we easily merge into the connection with the Divine, the underlying essence of all yoga (union).


Each evening we provide for your enjoyment a variety of Byron’s finest chant practitioners and musicians. You are welcome to sing, clap dance or simply sit back and enjoy the uplifting, trans-formative sounds of the ancient Sanskrit mantras and music. It really is such a treat and worth testing the waters if you haven’t already! To find out more and to be invited to our chanting events please subscribe to our newsletter below.



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