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Karma Yoga

Kagreensakthirma Yoga or Seva is the union of love and action: love in action or selfless action.

Seva is a sanksrit word meaning selfless service. Generally, to see things clearly we need both our eyes. Through yoga’s or union with the Divine, we are connected to our hearts, is said to be like one eye. Dharma, doing good deeds, is said to be like the other eye. When unconditional love and good deeds unite we see clearly, we have love in action.

At Divine Nature, we open our doors to anyone who would like to contribute their time for seva. Please contact us or subscribe to our newsletter to find out about what seva options are available. Currently, it is bush regeneration and next creating a Ghoshala, a safe haven for cows.

“You can never do good deeds if you think of doing them only after fulfilling all your needs. Because the mind with all its desires is like a bottomless vessel. It will never say ‘enough’. Therefore, doing charity is one of the utmost necessities for you.”Sri Sakthi Amma


Beloved Narayani Australia

Bush Regeneration

Plant a tree with Green Sakthi