Gnana Yoga - Divine Nature
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Gnana Yoga


Saraswathi the Goddess of Wisdom, Music, Culture and the Arts.

Gnana Yoga is the Yoga of Wisdom – mainly by self-inquiry into knowing whom one truly is, normally by asking the question, ‘who am I?’ This is the path of intellect of questioning and finding ones truth.

Through any of the yogic paths; Bhakthi, Karma, Raja and Gnana Yoga there will be a tendency to imbibe more wisdom. For example through yoga, meditation, chanting, seva (service) and devotion, one connects to the Divine in all. The Divine characteristics being wisdom, unconditional love, peace, joy, all things good in the universe, therefore taking one closer to their Divine self, knowing the essence of life and the answer to ‘who am I?’  Often by communing with Divine in all things, this bring contentment and then naturally leads one into selfless action, serving others who may not be having…

Divine Nature Sanctuary offers Satsangs and discourses encouraging one in knowledge passed on by the greats, via word of mouth, books, song and the Veda’s.