Cow Liberation, Cow Puja @ Divine Nature Sanctuary
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Cow Puja

Animal Liberation, Cow Protection


Divine Nature Sanctuary is committed to protecting animals and all other life forms and liberating them from the unnecessary destruction our society is allowing and perpetrating. We have started a campaign to raise awareness about this issue, please check it out here.

Cow’s particularly are considered to be the most peaceful and harmless of animals. Many spiritual cultures regard the cow for its Divine qualities, like giving more milk than is required just for its offspring. The milk is essential for human’s, and many other animals live from cow’s milk in today’s cultures. Unfortunately, some cultures also cause a lot of damage to cows in mass dairy productions. However, there are many reason’s that cow’s are considered a special animal,  including that they cause no threat to any other animals, are peaceful, tumid animals. In India they are said to be the home for angels, making the cow a holy animal.


Unfortunately most cultures have also commoditized the cow for meat production. And today it is widely known that animal agriculture, with cow agriculture at the top of the list, to be the number one most harmful factor to environmental pollution. To breed a cow to full maturity for meat takes a huge amount of energy, water and feed. It takes around 5 times as much energy to breed a cow as it does to keep a human alive from vegetarian sources. See articles from Cowspiracy, great informative movie, a must watch if you haven’t seen.


There are so many other reasons that animal agriculture is damaging our earth and environment.


But the most tragic of all factors, which is mostly hidden from common knowledge is the cause an effects of allowing animal slaughter. Animals such as cow, sheep, goat, chickens and other animals are kept and bred due to them being seen as harmless. But it is not as simple as that. By killing a peaceful creature such as a cow, the flow on effect can be very harmful for the person doing the killing. Also, society’s pressure on meat demand is the reason and so society is also responsible for these actions. It has been said that to kill a tiger can be very dangerous, for the reason the tiger might attack and kill you, but in fact, killing a cow is also a very dangerous, as the effect of this on our society is damaging. We as a culture and all those involved with meat production are accumulating the negative effects of animal destruction (Sri Sakthi Amma)


So at Divine Nature Sanctuary we are committed to not only giving cows a safe place to live, but about educating the public about this. Whale destruction has been mostly halted, our aim is to completely stop the cruel and ignorant act’s of animal slaughter in Australia by 2020 and educate people into the alternatives of vegetarian diet, so our society and all those involved can also be protected from the negative effects of these acts.


We aim to do this by creating

  • giving a safe place for cows and other animals to exist, by building a ghoshala
  • cow education days
  • doing cow worship
  • adopting a cow program
  • teaming up with like minded organisations animal liberation, please see Animals Australia for all the great work they are doing
  • traveling to vegetarian conventions
  • donations for supporting safe places for cows and other animal to co-exist
  • more details coming soon










Cow Puja Coming Soon