Bush Regeneration - Divine Nature
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Bush Regeneration

IMG_2128Here at Divine Nature Sanctuary, as caretakers of our precious mother earth, we are in a process of beautifying the land. Seeing we are at one with all, hence beautifying our planet is also creating more beauty to our inner worlds, and hopefully bringing a little more of Divine’s Nature back to earth.


Divine Nature is composed of 17 acres of fertile land, which benefits greatly from the good actions of knowledgeable human bush-re-generators. Being in nature and working with guides to bring the land back to its pristine state, is a super rewarding seva (service). You are immersed in the nature, and instantly feel connected to the land and sweet environment. You can learn a lot too! To find out more about how you can participate in serving in this way,, please contact us.


“You can never do good deeds if you think of doing them only after fulfilling all your needs. Because the mind with all its desires is like a bottomless vessel. It will never say ‘enough’. Therefore, make doing charity one of the utmost necessities for you.”Sri Sakthi Amma



Most of the land in the Byron Shire was gifted to soldiers after the World War 2, with the condition that the soldiers cleared the land to make way for cattle grazing. Soldiers teamed up and cleared so much Gondwana’s diverse and ancient forests.


After this, many of the hills and slopes of the Shire were planted out with bananas, in which most of them were sprayed with tilt and other horrible chemicals. Up until to today cattle farming and banana farms are the primary uses of much of the land of the Byron Shire.


Another big portion of the land, in which landowners whom we’re not farmers decided to do, was to leave the land completely alone, thinking it would all just go back to nature. Great in theory, but due to the introduction of many species outside of Australia, including Camphor Laurel from China, and Privot. We have seen the widespread colonization of these plants throughout the region. Although, like all plants and trees, they are Divine and have there purpose here, these two species have grown at such a rapid rate, leaving the land almost like a desert, whereby hardly any other species survives. Besides one pigeon who eats the berry’s of the camphor laurel, hardly any of the wildlife can survive in these forests.


So, we are not on a mission to destroy and remove all the introduced species, but we are endeavoring to find ways to reduce these plants and beautify the environment, allowing natives and the natural environment to be restored to its pristine state of Divine Nature, faster. We are open to suggestions, ideas and any hands on helpers in undertaking this wonderful project. One way we have discovered is to plant strangler figs at the base of the camphor laurels. Over time these natives naturally take over the camphor laurel.