About Beloved Narayani Inc. @ Divine Nature Sanctuary
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Beloved Narayani Inc.

Beloved Narayani Inc.


LOGO-GOODincsmallSince 2004 when Daniel first met Sri Sakthi Amma in India, he has been holding regular puja’s (prayer offerings) in the Byron Shire. In 2007 a charity was formed with two others under the auspice of his Guru Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma, named the Beloved Narayani Foundation.

Divine Nature Sanctuary is the home of Beloved Narayani Inc. The pujas have been blessed by Amma to be carried out at Divine Nature Sanctuary and are occurring regularly, as well as many other blessed events and seva.

Most of the events being offered at Divine Nature are by donation, with 10% of all donations going to support Beloved Narayani Inc. We also directly support Green Sakthi who plants trees in India at very affordable rate. For only $10 a month, less than three coffees a month, one can become a member and help to plant about 4 trees per month.greensakthi

About Beloved Narayani

Beloved Narayani Inc. (as it is currently known) has been established to support the humanitarian projects inspired by Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma.

“Our vision is to share divine love and wisdom inspired by Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma through devotion and service.”

The goals are:

  • to create the opportunity for people to connect with their essential nature (inner wisdom, divine, true self) through pujas (prayers), service and special events.
  • to build a unified and caring community which is a living expression of love and wisdom.
  • to be a bridge between Australia and Sri Narayani Peedam/Sripuram in India
  • to raise awareness about Amma and to support Amma’s charitable projects in India
  • to create a permanent Beloved Narayani Centre in Australia. –> Divine Nature

“People often think service means just doing things with money. But that is not the only service. Whatever you have, you can use for service. Everyone is blessed with different gifts. You know what you are blessed with, so start to give that. When you have wealth, share your wealth. When you have talent, share your talent. Whatever makes others happy. Not just humans, serve nature and all creations.” Sri Sakthi Amma

To see the Beloved Narayani Inc website, click here